Wednesday, January 24, 2018

GAMISS Review: One Shoulder Lady Casual Dress

Hello, lovelies! The weather is acting bipolar today. It is gloomy and the smog is evident. It makes me get more excited for the summer season to come. I want to hit the beach soon but for the meantime, I will get myself contented with these summer outfits I've ordered from one of my favorite online store, GAMISS. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and the outfit details.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Women’s Gifts: Classical & Sexy Boho Dresses from Sevengrils

Hello, lovelies! I can't believe it's mid-week already tomorrow and it's gonna be weekend again. I'm happy the workload is lighter than expected. I got time to find new discoveries of online stores that I think I will frequent. Now that summer season is just around the corner, I am quite excited to check out the new arrivals from Sevengrils. Check out these products I've been eyeing ever since I stumbled upon this store.

I am glad to find these boho dresses because these are something that I want in particular. I fall in warm tones, so that explains the colors that I've chosen in the dresses showed up above. Well, aside from I easily got attracted to anything earth colors but boho speaks about warm; may it be about the weather or the sorroundings.

What I love about summer is that I got to wear not only short dresses but I can also wear maxi dresses provided the material is light just like these maxi dresses above. I'm a fan of anything stripes, so this striped sleeveless dress is a given thing that I will surely like but it's the high slit on the side that got me sold. Isn't it sexy? High slits are a thing during summer, so I'm sure you'll also agree with me why this black maxi dress with short sleeves is on my wishlist.


ROSEGAL Wishlist: Summer Pieces

Hello, lovelies! Now that summer is just around the corner, I can't help but get excited. I am now checking the summer pieces in the new arrivals of ROSEGAL. What I love about ordering in this online store is that you will get what you will see and I don't have any disappointments as far as I remember since I started buying products from them. Below are the summer pieces that I am looking forward to ordering this week.

What I'm looking forward to summer is hitting the beach. I find these two swimwears gorgeous. The striped one is perfect to hide your bulges and it creates an illusion of slender body while the two-piece swimsuit is perfect if you are sporty at the beach. I am thinking to try surfing, so this long sleeve swim top is good. What do you think?


Monday, January 22, 2018

ZAFUL Review: Hollow Out Bowknot Sleeveless Plunge Romper

Hello, lovelies! I had a very happy weekend. Nothing really beats a weekend with the family. I always looking forward to chit chats with my siblings and my Mom whenever we plan to go home to the province. Of course, our fur baby, Miko, always bring joy and happiness. I can feel that the house is so warm and full of love. Anyway, if you have read my previous style post here, you probably know that I have started my summer outfit series featuring ZAFUL. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and the details.

ZAFUL Review: Snap Button Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Hello, lovelies! I'm in the province right now because our fur baby got his annual vaccination yesterday. Tomorrow, we will be heading back to Manila because, well, life. Anyway, guess what I'm excited about today. Well, it's my first style post about summer outfits and I'm featuring ZAFUL. My upcoming next posts would be about summer outfits, so watch out for it, lovelies! Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and details.

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